Information for Summer School Participants

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Below please find event details for the Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality 2013

  1. Location

  2. Office Hours

    • Monday 7/15, 5:30–8:00pm
      • Larry Blume, Booth Atrium
      • Scott Kominers, Booth Atrium
    • Tuesday 7/16, 5:00–6:00pm
      • Larry Blume, Booth Atrium
    • Wednesday 7/17, 12:30–1:30pm
      • Larry Blume, Booth Cafeteria
    • Wednesday 7/17, 5:30–8:00pm
      • James Foster, Reg Rm 206
      • Petra Todd, Reg Rm 204
    • Thursday 7/18, 7:00–8:30pm
      • Scott Kominers, South Campus, Dinner
      • Raquel Fernandez, South Campus, Dinner
      • Petra Todd, South Campus, Dinner
      • Steven Durlauf, South Campus, Dinner
    • Friday 7/19, 5:00–7:00pm
      • Rachel Kranton, Booth Atrium
      • Chris Taber, Booth Atrium
  3. Print Materials

    • Download the Student version of the booklet here »  (.pdf).
  4. Accommodations

    • Non-Chicago participants will be staying at the South Campus Residence Hall. There will be no charge to participants for these accommodations.
    • Rooms are reserved for participants from 11:00am on Sunday, July 14 until 10:00am Monday, July 22.  Please note that we will not be able to accomodate requests for a longer stay in the residence hall.  Those who need accomodations for additional nights before or after the program should make their own arrangements.  Low cost accomodations in the Hyde Park neighborhood can be made at the International House.
    • A complete list of amenities, policies and procedures can be found here
    • If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Elizabeth Preston.
  5. Visas: Obtaining the proper immigration status/visa is the sole responsibility of the program participant

    • Participants coming from countries other than the United States must have proper immigration status to participate in the Inequality Summer School. Foreign nationals who are currently abroad may enter the United States with tourist status. To do so, participants need a B-1/B-2 visa, unless they are exempt from the visa requirement, or are eligible to enter the country on the basis of the Visa Waiver Program
    • Foreign nationals who are currently in the U.S. on the basis of a different immigration status should inquire with the sponsor whether or not participation in the Summer School program is permissible.
    • NOTE: If you are at a university outside the U.S., please be aware that the U.S. does not have a national health insurance system. That means if you become ill or injured, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL EXPENSES. Therefore, you should acquire traveler's insurance that covers your time in the U.S.. Also, be sure to bring plenty of documentation proving you are covered. Details of the requirements for J-1 visa holders may be found here.
  6. Transportation

    • From airports: Participants can get to The University of Chicago from either O'Hare International Airport or Midway Airport. Public transportation is available from both of these airports to downtown Chicago, and from downtown Chicago to Hyde Park. Alternatively,Omega Shuttle Service and Go Airport Express offer transportation from Hyde Park to Chicago's Midway and O'Hare Airports. You can find fare and scheduling information as well as boarding locations on their website,
    • By car: Directions to campus can be found HERE. Please be advised that parking can be difficult to find at the University of Chicago, so a car is not recommended or necessary (as there is very good public transportation to downtown, and all SSSI locations are within easy walking distance of each other).
    • Within Hyde Park: The CTA runs a bus service on campus; more information is HERE. There is also a late night van service (see the same link). You may purchase a CTA pass at the ID and Privileges Office in the lobby of the Regenstein Library (map; hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00am - 1:00pm Saturday).
  7. Meals

    • Meals are provided beginning with dinner on July 14 through dinner on July 20.
    • Breakfast is covered for July 15–20 at the South Campus Dining Hall for students staying at South Campus. You should have received an ID at check-in which you will use for breakfast.
    • Lunch is covered for July 15-20. Vouchers will be provided every day at Booth for lunch ($10.00 per day) to use at the Everett Kovler Cafe located in the Harper Center.
    • Dinner is covered July 14-20 as follows:
      • July 14, 19, and 20  –  Catered dinners at 6:30pm in West Common Room, South Campus Residence Hall
      • July 15 – Catered dinner at 7:00p.m. in East Common Room, South Campus Residence Hall (following the mandatory campus safety briefing)
      • July 16  –  Group dinner. Details will be provided.
      • July 17 and July 18 – Informal group dinners will be organized ad-hoc. Details to be provided.
    • Brunch on July 21. Details will be provided.
    • If you wish to leave campus for meals, Hyde Park has a wealth of restaurants, most located on 57th Street, just east of Woodlawn Avenue, on 55th Street, east of the Blackstone Avenue, and 53rd street, from Woodlawn Avenue to the lake shore. More information on area restaurants can be found HERE. The best places for breakfast are the Medici (1327 East 57th Street), the Medici Bakery (1331 East 57th Street), Z&H (1323 East 57th Street), Salonica (1440 East 57th Street), or Valois (1518 E. 53rd Street).
    • There are a small number of bars/pubs in Hyde Park:
      • 7-10 Lanes (1055 E. 55th Street, 773-347-2695): bowling, billiards (pool). Bowling costs $16 per lane Sun-Thur and $2 for shoes; $20 Fri and Sat. and $3 for shoes. Billiards is $12 per table. Fridays and Saturdays are age 21 and over after 9pm.
      • Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap (1172 E. 55th Street; 773-643-5516): Neighborhood pub with a large beer selection and some food offerings.
      • The Pub (Ida Noyes Hall basement, 1212 E. 59th Street): Good selection of beer, some pub fare (fish and chips, spicy chicken wings, etc.). Guests will have to pay $3 at the door. Open Mon-Thur 4:30pm - 1:00am and Fri-Sat 4:00pm - 2:00am.
  8. Attire

    • Attire for the program is casual, but please wear business attire for poster sessions and for our group photo.
  9. Working/Relaxing

    • The Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality does not have specific hardware requirements; however you may wish to bring your own laptop. (For information about U.S. electrical current and plugs, look here).
    • The University of Chicago has wireless internet access throughout the campus. Wireless passwords will be provided at check-in on Sunday, July 14, 2013. This service will allow you to work anywhere on the campus you find a comfortable spot. Here are a few options to try:
      • Your residence hall provides wireless access. Guests may access the wireless network through a guest ID (GNet). GNet IDs and instructions will be given to guests during check-in after signing a user agreement.
      • Booth School of Business' Harper Center: The building is open from 8:00am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday. If you stay in the building after classes have ended, you may stay there until 10:00pm, but you cannot re-enter if you leave in the evening. The building is closed on weekends.
      • Starbucks: 1174 East 55th Street and 1500 East 53rd Street.
      • Regenstein Library: 1100 E. 57th Street. You may get a day pass to the library by visiting the ID and Privileges Office in the lobby of the Regenstein Library (map; hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00am - 1:00pm Saturday). More information may be found HERE (under Students Outside the Chicago Area).
    • Printing: The residence hall offers printing and copying with the purchase of a copy card. Print release stations/copiers are located at the front desk of South Campus. Copy cards may be purchased at the Regenstein Library, located at 1100 East 57th Street. Full details are available at: Black and white printing costs $.10 per page and color printing is $.15 per page.
    • Exercising: The University’s Ratner Athletics Center has extended a pro-rated “community” rate for participants. Ratner Athletics Center is located at 5530 S. Ellis Avenue. The hours are M-F 6am – 9pm, and S-S 8am – 7pm. You will need to show an ID at the desk, identify yourself as a participant, fill out a membership application form, and purchase a $12 weekly pass. Further information on the gym:
  10. Getting Around Chicago

    • Public transportation is available between Hyde Park and downtown Chicago and all over the city itself. To get from the campus to downtown, you may take either the Metra Rail train or a CTA bus (click here for a range of options). You will need exact change or a pass for the CTA bus. CTA passes may be purchased at CTA stations or at the ID and Privileges Office in the lobby of the Regenstein Library (map; hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00am - 1:00pm Saturday). More information may be found HERE.
    • Once you are downtown, you can take buses or the elevated trains (El's) to other parts of the city.
  11. Things to Do in Hyde Park

  12. Things to Do in Chicago